Marketing Video Production

This video will say a million words. Is your business video advertisement ready?



Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective channels for reaching an engaged audience. It also enables you to engage with the most relevant on-target audiences based on their interests, background and social circles.

Just how important is a video to social media users? According to Facebook’s Q4 2015 earnings call, over 500 million people view over 100 million hours of video on Facebook daily. Instagram has over 400 million monthly users that share over 80 million photos daily. Meanwhile, Snapchatters are taking in over 10+ billion videos on a daily basis.


Desktop Video Advertising

Desktop video advertising is a critical component of a brand advertiser’s overall digital media strategy. As audiences continue to shift viewership from TV to digital, video ads remain an important medium for advertisers in reaching cord-cutters and TV-light audiences at scale and with more precise targeting. Advertising on desktop also means that ads are being delivered on larger screens, where innovative executions help drive audiences to take specific actions (e.g. sign up, purchase, etc.)

Benefits of Desktop Video Advertising

  • Deliver ads before compelling video content and mimic behavior of TV ad spots
  • Immersive, engaging viewer experience with customizable interactive and rich media features
  • High impact vehicle for branding purposes


Mobile Video Advertising

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, advances in broadband coverage and screen size expansion, consumers are rapidly switching media consumption to mobile devices – and brand advertisers have taken notice. In 2014, time spent with digital media on mobile devices surpassed desktop for the first time while mobile-only internet users, comprised primarily of millennials, are on the rise. Learn more about how our programmatic advertising platform enables you to incorporate mobile video advertising into your campaigns.

Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising

  • Reach highly engaged content viewers
  • Expand reach by complementing desktop video advertising campaigns with mobile
  • Command 100% of screen real estate on a vast majority of mobile web and in-app inventory
  • Drive up to a 3x lift in viewer engagement than other ad formats
  • Deliver highly viewable mobile video ads with full-screen executions