New features coming to you soon…

Good Day Digital One Members,

Just to keep you up to date with what is going and is
planned in the Our Universe.

Over the next 6 months, you are going to see major changes in the app world.

So what is coming?

1479679516_stock_new-24h-appointment– Appointment Feature

  • The ability to set services. User can book a particular service
  • Stripe & Paypal integration. Allowing payment for an appointment
  • Taking appointments over the phone. Then syncing that information
    with that customer when they install a clients/business app
  • Email templates: Allows you set email templates branded to the business
  • Recurring appointments – A customer may need 2 appointments or 3 or
    weekly, monthly etc
  • Google Calendar integration



1479679541_8– Coupons

  • New scannable coupon system and design




1479679607_userconfig– Account Setup
– Users can signup and login to your app via name, email or Facebook
– This integrates with appointment feature
– You can set membership levels to unlock certain feature access in app
– Send push notifications to members based on their level
– Also looking at API integrations with certain services so if users buys on your website through say wishlist. Then that user can enter the same username and password
when they install your app


1479679607_userconfig– Fan Zone
– Allows members to interact with each other and share comments, photos




1479679426_wifi– Beacons
– Set beacon push notification. Proximity based, meaning when app users come to within a set distance of a beacon, it will send then a push notification you choose






These are just a few of the things we have been working on over
the past few months.



Digital One Team