Monthly special

Get an app for as low as $1599.00. With your app you will be able:

- Send coupons direct to your customer's phone
- Contact your customers at any time via a push notification
- Book reservations
- Find location(s) with GPS directions
- Showcase your business with pictures and videos
- One button calling, emailing or SMS
- Answer customer questions
- Collect feedback from clients
- Social Media integration
- Reward customers with a loyalty program.



Improves accessibility
Today’s mobile market spends approximately 200 minutes in apps. A mobile app makes it easier for them to access your business without needing to switch devices.

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Enhances customer engagement
Convenience and ease of use are important qualities for ensuring customer experience. Mobile apps allow your customers to connect and engage with you in real time, which helps foster trust and stronger relationships.

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Improves brand recognition
Having your brand situated on the interface of a smartphone or tablet will heighten brand recognition, considering how much time people spend on their mobile devices. Plus, it has been estimated that there will be 268 billion app downloads in 2017, and 68 percent of consumers report actually using the apps they download.

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Improves value proposition
You can use a mobile app to give your customers discounts, usable information and support.

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Having a mobile app presents another avenue for sales 

The convenience and accessibility of a mobile app will encourage your customers to carry out transactions with your business rather than patronize a competitor who only has a website.


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